How To Create An Apple Watch Band Ecommerce Website With A Great User Experience

E-Commerce User experience is how customers feel they are treated when they shop their products from your site. Any e-commerce website looking to increase sales and clicks must create an environment where visitors and shoppers feel wanted and appreciated.

You can easily gauge your website’s user experience by putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Do you like how the website responds to you?

Having a responsive website where shoppers can navigate with ease will put you way ahead of the competition. Customers do not like to deal with slow and stuffed sites that need unending scrolling to locate a product.

So, you want to create an apple watch band e-commerce website with a great user experience? The tips below should get you started on creating the e-commerce website every shopper wants to visit.

User Experience

Shoppers’ Like Fast And Easy To Maneuver Through Websites

As you design your website, keep in mind the fact that your visitors could be using desktops or mobile phones. Some websites are quite easy to navigate with a computer but when you log on using a mobile device, the frustration is endless.

You stand to lose up to 15% of a customer’s satisfaction if your site delays in loading by a mere one second.

Most customers are known to abandon their searches on a website if the search is delayed by more than three seconds.

As you improve on speed, try to incorporate any new treads in the industry like voice searches. Some customers just don’t like typing everything they need; a website with the voice search feature can easily win their loyalty.

Research predicts that almost 45% of searches in the future will be done by voice.

Personalization Does Wonders

The modern consumer shops while on the go. Catching their attention in the first few seconds of their appearance on your website will be key.

One way to do this is by personalizing their shopping list and customizing it to include the items they are most likely to need. This way they do not need to scroll through piles of items to locate that which they need.

Showing them products you feel they need might entice them into impulse buying-unethical though.

You can base the suggestions on previous purchasing behavior and patterns. These suggestions will make the few minutes they spend on your website both productive and enjoyable.

Offer Buyers A Wish list Option

This is a feature that lets the user save a product on the website with the possibility of consideration at a later date. This creates the element of pressure-free shopping where customers feel they can save the items and buy them when they are ready.

Not all products that end up on the wish list will translate to sales but some will-every sale is a sale.

Aim To Build Trust Through Transparency

Ecommerce brand CXSBands has mastered this element perfectly. Online business is all about trust. If a buyer has reason to doubt your credibility, they will not want to shop from you. Trust is built in many ways but one, deceiving customers.

Ensure any information you release about a product or the shipping process is true and be ready to live up to your promises as far as the shipping information is concerned.

Customers prefer sellers who are transparent about their shipping time, what to expect upon delivery, and the return policy. When your promises are fulfilled in multiple transactions, you gain the buyers’ trust and in turn, get a return customer or even referrals.

Keep The CTA Sharp And Explicit

Don’t try to jargonize your CTA, make it as clear and concise as it can get. When we visit an E-commerce site and spot something we like, the next step is locating the “Add To Cart” or “Buy Now” click.

The longer a customer looks for the “Buy Now” option the more likely they are to lose interest in the purchase altogether.

The immediate buying option should also be responsive, delayed loading can bore customers.

Wrap Up

Creating an E-commerce website with great user experience is not hard, with the right skills and knowledge of course. The tips above have been tried and tested in the modern E-commerce space so their effectiveness is unquestionable-although business performance is subjective.

The most important aspect is keeping the customers’ interests before all others.

Author: Gregory POUY

Gregory is inquisitive by nature, sometimes for the best and other times not so much. But regardless of the outcome, he’s always willing to share his experiences and perspective, particularly the idea that it is the people who are dictating the direction of technology not the other way around. His marketing blog, Le Blog de Greg, has received quite a fan base in France. Follow this passionate, people-person as he continues to explore his curiosity.

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